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वाईफाई राउटर 2020 – Best WiFi Router India

ये भारत में शीर्ष 10 सस्ती वाईफाई राउटर हैं जो आप अमेज़ॅन से खरीद सकते हैं। सस्ती वायरलेस राउटर जो अभी भी तेजी से इंटरनेट की गति, बड़े कवरेज और भविष्य के प्रूफ सुविधाओं की पेशकश करते हैं। चाहे आप बहुत सारे वीडियो स्ट्रीम करते हों, एक हार्डकोर गेमर हो, 2-मंजिला घर हो या यहां…


Best Hacking Tools for Kali Linux 2020 | Hacker Hardware Tools

Best Hacking Tools for Kali Linux 2020 – Introduction Kali Linux is the most advanced operating system for hacking as well as penetration testing. It is a linux distribution packed with a wide varieties of tools and scripts that is specifically designed for hacking purposes. Hardware Hacking Tools include scripts for testing Web application, IOT,…


Best Hacking Books 2020 | Learn WiFi Hacking

Learn WiFi Hacking – Best Hacking Books 2020 So far, Kali Linux has been the best and most widely Operating System, filled with an awesome collection of hacking tools which can be used to Web Application penetration testing, network security testing, WiFi attacks; best of its kind. It is the most famous and most useful…


Top WiFi Antennas 2020 | High Speed and Long Range WiFi

Top High Gain WiFi Antenna WiFi Antennas What is WiFi Antenna? WiFi or Wireless Network functions in the same as the other 2.4 GHz communication band but rather than sending the voice, we will be transmitting internet data packets. A device known as a wireless router or access point converts these data packets into electromagnetic…

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