Best Hacking Tools and Hardware for Kali Linux 2020

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Kali Linux is the most advanced operating system for hacking as well as penetration testing. It is a linux distribution packed with a wide varieties of tools and scripts that is specifically designed for hacking purposes.

Hacking scripts include tools for testing Web application, IOT, hardware as well as networks; the best of its kind. Kali Linux is used by both white hat as well as black hat hackers.

But the problem with Linux distributions is, there is an only smaller selection of hardware components that have driver support for Linux. So many devices such as USB Adapters, development boards as well as devices like printers, scanners etc does not have driver support for windows. Of course, the Linux community is developing and adding newer drivers with every release. But still older devices remain unchecked.

Why We need Hacking Tools?

If you are an ethical hacker, interested in hacking and penetration testing and if you are interested in hacking hardware devices, you should have these smart and advanced hacking devices and tools to play with/ interact with other devices.

Best Hacking Tools and Hardware of 2020

You can easily start hacking with this smart devices with very little or no coding. Most of them are plug-and-play which means you can simply connect these hacking tools to your device and start playing with them.

Here we will be showing you a list of Top Hacking Tools – best of its kind. You could use to hack computer, hardware parts, WiFi, BlueTooth and other RF communication.

UberTooth One

Behold!! Ubertooth One is the best hacking tool for hacking into Bluetooth enabled devices. It is an open source development board that works in the range of 2.4 GHz; the frequency in which the Bluetooth works.

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Using Ubertooth, you can easily capture data packets, analyze them, intercept, or perform man in the middle attacks. This can easily be connected to a computer via USB and start using it after a simple setup process.

Even though it looks like a naked bluetooth USB dongle, it can do a lot more than that. Just like you capture Wi-Fi packets using a Wi-Fi adaptor you can sleep the data which is being transmitted from a Bluetooth device using ubertooth.

Alfa AWUS036NHA USB WiFi Adapter

WiFi hacking is another field of interest for hackers as well as penetration testers. Once you get inside a WiFi network, there is nothing you cant do. You can dump data packets, steal passwords and usernames,spread virus and do many other malicious things within the network.

Alpha is the head of most of the networking devices such as wireless routers, network cards, and Wi-Fi Antennas. This wifi adapter is the most commonly used WiFi adapters among hackers and hobbyists. This one is Sleek and beautiful, curvy and black. Of course there is a wide variety of USB Wi-Fi adaptor was in the market but what makes this the best choice for hackers?

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First reason is this is compatible with almost all the Linux distributions. You can simply plug the USB Wi-Fi adaptor to your device and start using it right away.

Second this one uses another chipset Atheros, that supports all 6 Wi-Fi modes. It is observed that the success rate of various injection attacks which is performed using this Wi-Fi adaptor is much greater than any other USB Wi-Fi adaptor available.

Raspberry Pi

If you have decided to learn hacking you would be wondering what to learn first. When you are beginning to learn ethical hacking the most likely operating system you will be using is kali Linux.

Well it is not a good idea to install a hacking operating system in a device that you use for your everyday life. A much better way is to install the hacking operating system on a different computer this isolating your personal data.

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The best device for you to install Kali Linux to learn ethical hacking is a Raspberry Pi. This is great for anybody learning about hacking because it runs Kali Linux and allows you to see this as a Lego peace and create a prototype for an idea that relies unplugging a couple of things into this and making it work. It allows you to segment away all the experimental things from the things that you really want to keep safe and if it get fried aur become corrupted, you can simply replace the SD card or format the SD card or even just get a new Raspberry Pi which is really really cheap.

Arduino MKR1000

This is a super cool or do you know about which have a built in Wi-Fi chipset. This device is specifically designed for projects that allows you to connect your devices to internet. Like most of the arduino boards this board can be powered and programed using the USB port.

This device can be connected to your Wi-Fi network without using any Wi-Fi shield And that’s as a web server. This device can also act as a human interface device like a USB mouse or Keyboard which can send keystrokes to the computer which is connected to it. Sounds familiar? Similar to a rubber ducky.

Attack Demo

Yes you can create a rubber ducky using arduino mkr 1000. Actually this is much better than a rubber ducky. This board can be programmed in such a way that when you connect this Arduino to a computer it will detect this board as a human interface device such as a USB keyboard. One hit get detected as a USB device the arduino board will start to send keystrokes to that computer.  you can send whatever things a real keyboard can type using this board.

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Moreover this micro controller board will serve a web page in port 80 which can be accessed by any devices in that Local Network.  this webpage will be having a list of attacks which can be performed using this board. you can simply select one sit back and enjoy while the Arduino do its work.


As a hacker usually know the importance of a micro controller board. like I mentioned in the previous product in Micro controller can be used to simulate a USB human interface device. This one is a compact lightweight micro controller board similar to arduino which can be programmed using arduino IDE.

Attack Demo

Best Hacking Tools

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You can easily program this device using arduino software and the code is pretty much similar to that. it can send keystrokes at very high speed the use of would even notice that. all you have to do is simply connect this device to the victims machine. And Do you know what the best part is? This hacking tool costs only 1.5 $.

Attify Badge

This is one of the Best Hacking Tools which is designed for iot penetration testing. This one support various types of serial Communication protocols which can be used to connect two variants embedded devices success microcontrollers of iot devices. They also have a debian based Linux OS that have all the tools and scripts necessary for you to get started.

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This can be used to perform various attacks like information disclosure memory dumping denial of service and even directly send the various AT two devices causing it to malfunction

Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Micro Adapter – Bluetooth Dongle

This is another bluetooth USB dongle which is supported by most of the Linux distributions. you won’t be able to perform Complex attacks such as sniffing or decoding. but you will be able to do a survey on nearby bluetooth devices enumerate the services and even send simple data packet to them.

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this one is really cheap and is compatible with most of the OS. This device is plug and play which means you can simply connect this device to a computer or a Raspberry Pi out of the box and start using it right away.

MultiBlue Dongle USB BlueTooth

This is another one of the Best Hacking Tools bluetooth hacking. This device can be connected to another computer via a USB port and then you can use your computer to control the victims computer via bluetooth.

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Using this device you can send keystrokes to Android Apple Windows or Linux device using a bluetooth connection. this is very compact and is open mistaken for a USB flash drive and no one will be suspicious.

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