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Best Robot Kits 2020 | Robotics Kit for Beginners and Kids 2020

Here are a list of awesome Robot Kits Available online for Kids, Beginners as well as experts for building your own robots.

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Build Your Own Robots Using the Best Robotics Kit for Beginners of 2020 Available Online

How to Make a Robot?

Before answering how to make a robot, there is one important question you should answer first – What is a robot? We, simply speaking robot is an electromechanical device which is able to react to its environment, take decisions without manual interaction.

From the above answer, we know that a robot has an electronic as well as a mechanical part; so to build one you need both.

Best Robotics Kits for Beginners and Experts

Here we are presenting you with some cool robot kits which are available online and can be used by beginners, kids as well as experts to build their own robots easily. Links for the Best Robotics Kit for Beginners are also provided with the product description which will be redirected to trusted product pages from where you can buy your own robots.

Check out the best kids robotics kit.

DIY L298N 2WD Ultrasonic Smart Tracking Moteur Robot Car Kit For Arduino

This is one of the best robot kits of 2020 available online for beginners and I highly recommend this for kids as this is one of the best Best Robotic Kits for Beginners. This one is having a simple mechanical structure which makes them easier for them to understand robotics and help them get started with Arduino robotics/raspberry pi robotics.

best robot kit online

This robot kit also includes an L298N motor driver module, an ultrasonic module which can be easily connected to an Arduino, a servo motor for rotating the ultrasonic sensor module and a power switch for powering up and down the robot.

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DIY Light Shock Absorbed Smart Tank Robot Chassis Car Kit

arduino and raspberry pi best robot kit online 2

This is also a beginner level DIY robot kit which can be used to build robot tanks with very little effort. The built quality is awesome and is pretty lightweight – the whole robot kit weighs around 166g.

arduino and raspberry pi best robot kit online 2This robot kit has a nice damping effect which allows you to press up to 0.7 CM. The DC motors are 130 general purpose DC motors. This chassis also has a  charging port at the bottom.

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6DOF Aluminium Robot Arm Clamp Claw Mount Kit With Servos

This is a 6 DOF Robotic Arm made of Aluminium. This robot kit is easily mountable and can be used used with any micro controllers that can control servo motors which includes arduino, raspberry pi as well as PIC micro controllers.

This awesome kit includes servo motors, mounting plates as well as all the connectors to build your own robotic arm. This also includes all the nuts and bots you will need to connect them all together.

The Package includes

5 X Multi-functional Bracket
3 X Long U Shape Bracket
1 X L Shape Bracket
3 X Cup Bearing
1 X Set of Screw Nut
1 X Alloy Mechanical Claw
2 X U Beam Bracket
6 X MG996R Servo
6 X Metal Servo Horn

You will get all these products for a cheap price by following this link below.

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DIY Humanoid Robot Kit 

How about a humanoid like robot for kids? Well here you have it. This is an aawesome humanoid like robot with two legs which can be controlled from your smart phone.

robot kit for kids 2This have a visual programming software for easy coding and uploading. You can simply program it to change its gestures as well as directions. Each legs have a pair of servo motors which makes this humanoid robot very flexible and agile.

Package Includes:

4 x Tower Pro Servo 9g
1 x Ultrasonic Module
4 x M3*30 Bi-pass Aluminum Standoff
4 x M3*6+6 Single-pass Aluminum Standoff
12 x M3*8 Round Head Phillips Screw
12 x M3*6 Round Head Phillips Screw
16 x M3 Nut
12 x M2*8 Round Head Phillips Screw
12 x M2 Nut
8 x M1.2*4 Self-tapping Screw
4 x M1.4*8 Round Head Phillips Screw
4 x M1.4 Nut
1 x SunFounder Nano Board
1 x SunFounder Servo Control Board
1 x 2×18650 Battery Holder
1 x Heat Shrink Tubing (30cm)
1 x Riband (40CM)
2 x M3*6 Hollow Rivet
2 x Ø3*8*4 Band Edge Bearing
1 x Mini USB Cable
1 x 4-Pin Anti-reverse Cable
1 x Phillips Screw Driver robot kit for kids 2

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Remote Control Robot Tank Toys RC Robot Chassis Kit

This is an awesome tank robot kit which will take you one step ahead in the field of robotics. This robot can travel through rough terrain and the robotic arm mounted on top of enabling you to pick and place objects in its vicinity.

tank arduino and raspberry pi best robot kit online

This one also comes with PlayStation like remote controller which enable you to completely control the pick and place robot easily and effortlessly. Please check out the pick and place robot video below.

All the servo motors, mounting plates and servos are included with this robot kit. This kit also includes arduino boards, connectors, battery holders as well as chargers.

The Package includes:

1x tank chassis kits
1x ps2 remote control
1x battery boxtank arduino and raspberry pi best robot kit online

tank arduino and raspberry pi best robot kit online

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Crawling Quadruped Robot Kits – Quadrapod Robot Kit

Now let us try out something different; an Amazing 4 Legged Spider Robot. Yes you heard that right. Build your own Spider robot using this awesome robot kit. You can control your bot wirelessly using a remote controller and you can make this spider run in all directions.

quadrapod robot kit arduino 1Get Your Quadrapod Robot Now!!

Sounds Cool right? And it is much cooler when you have one in hand. This best kids robotics kit contains everything you need to build your own remotely controlled spider robot.

This spider robot has 4 legs and each legs has 3 servo motors which will give this robot good flexibility and agility.

Sample sketch is provided with the kit so that you can easily build one robot with out much effort. I recommend this for beginners as well as intermediates.

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Robospace IronBot Chap Programmable APP Control Robot Kit

Kids.. No need to worry. Here is a special kit for you. Here is an intelligent robot that will accompany your kid and develop their logical thinking. A wireless multi functional AI powered best kids robotics kit. Meet the CHAP.

smartphone controlled robot kit

The integration of various AI Technologies such as google and IFLY Tech enables this robot to listen, speak and think so as to accompany children’s growth. Through the operation controller in the mobile, children can design movement trial for chap, control chap or even play various path finding games.  smartphone controlled robot kitGet Your Robot Kit Now

You can use a mobile phone or Tab to enable the bots camera and remotely control it from places from where you cannot see and enable various exploration experiences.

Check out the Demo Video below

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Build Your own Pick and Place Robot – Full Instructions Available

Pick and Place Robot Kit 2019 | Best Robot Kit for Beginners Online

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