Pick and Place Robot Kit 2020 | Best Robot Kit for Beginners Online

Best Pick and Place Robot Kit Available Online – Tutorial Included to build one Yourself. Check out the Cheap and price worthy components available online.

Pick and Place is an advanced version of a remote controlled robot. In the pick and place robot, there is an extra robotic hand/robotic arm added on top of it. This will allow the robot to pick up, move, drop/place any object around it. This one is wireless which allows you to control the pick and place robot.

pick and plance robot kit

Pick and Place Robot Kit 2020

Here we will present you with all the components and alternatives which can be used to build a pick and place robot by yourself. There is a beginners aid tutorial for building there own gesture controlled robot in the end of this post.

The Robotic Arm

This is a cool, awesome looking and strong robotic arm / robotic hand that is available in BangGood. This arm is really light weight and is totally worth the price.

There are so many mounting holes on the base of the robotic arm frame that will allow us to fix this anywhere without drilling extra holes for the screw.

Robotic Arm Kit

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In total, there are 4 servo motors which will give the robotic arm 3 Degrees of Freedom. The servo motors are included and the working voltage is 4.8-6V.

Robot Chassi – DIY Smart Robot Kit

This chassis is also available in This one is made out of aluminum so its really light weight and strong at the same time. There are so many mounting holes where you can screw down your micro controller board, motor driver, motor and the robotic arm in this case.

The best thing about this robot kit is, they provide all the tools that are used to assemble them together.

Get your DIY Robot Kit From BangGood

best robot kit for arduino and raspberry pi

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These are some of the best robot chassis available for you to build this project. Check out the link below.

Best Robot Chassis Kits Online | Arduino and Raspberry Pi Robot Kit

H Bridge and L293D Motor Driver

In this project, we will be using an L293D/L298N motor driver board to drive our DC motors of the pick and place robot. We can easily change the direction it rotate without changing the circuit physically. This board can be directly connected to arduino or raspberry pi.

Get your L293D Motor Driver

Using this motor driver, you can individually control both the motors without any lag.

Servo Motor Driver

Depending up on the robotic arm you have purchased, you will have to control multiple servo motor. The best way to control them is using this servo motor driver. PCA9685 is a 16 Channel 12 Bit PWM I2C-bus controlled Servo motor Driver. This board can be easily connected to your arduino  or your raspberry pi and easily be programmed to control single or multiple servo motors and move the robotic arm the way you like.

PCA9685 16 Channel 12 Bit PWM I2C-bus controlled Servo motor Driver

 Image result for PCA9685 servo motor

Get Yours Now

To see the tutorial and learn more about using the servo motor driver, click here.

Lithium Polymer Battery

These are high current discharge rechargeable batteries that are used mainly in robotics projects. These motors are mainly used in driving motors such as DC or Servo motors which draws considerable amount of current, due to its high discharge properties.

However, special care must be taken while using these batteries. special chargers are used to charge these type of batteries. In our project we will be using a 12V LiPo battery to power the Pi


HC 12 is a wireless serial communication module, which is capable of making a wireless long range (upto 1.8 KM) connection between multiple devices.

Get yours from here

Its working frequency is in between 433.4 MHz to 473.0 MHz with 100 channels with a stepping of 400KHz – Starting from 433.4, 433.8, 434.12 …………473.0

Pick and place DIY Robot tutorial

Pick and Place Robot with Robotic Arm | Arduino Robotics

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